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Haemmerle Holiday Apartments is an exclusive property with four holiday apartments available for rent, it seats on an approximately 1,000 square meters of land located at Nestgasse 15, Allmansdorf, Konstanz. 

“Clean, safe, quiet and It feels like home” are some of the guests comments the hosts have received, given the aesthetics and upkeep of each apartment that was kept consistent to what many of our childhood homes would feel like. All apartments has direct view of the garden area from the balcony / terrace, a peaceful area to enjoy on a nice weather. The apartment is equipt with  living necessities such as fully functional kitchenette, refrigerator, microwave, oven, dishwasher, water boiler, and coffee maker. A flatscreen TV and a cozy living room and bedroom area where guests can relax and take a rest after a long day.

Executive Chef Raimund Hämmerle and Jovelle Hämmerle; both from the hospitality industry with more than 30 years of experience in luxury hotels in Hong Kong, Dubai and Germany, have now taken over the management of the Hämmerle Holiday Apartments, committed to continue the best practices that the Haemmerle Holiday Apartments that’s was known for. The hosts speaks English, German and Tagalog.

Located at Nestgasse street, the Haemmerle Holiday Apartments seats on a private area similar to the homes that surrounds it, most of the guests enjoys a relaxing afternoon walk, around the neighborhood, at the trail going to Hörle Park or to the Ferry Station. Public parking are available in various areas around the neighborhood, although subject to availability.

The hosts takes pride of their propertys’ location, which has close proximity to supermarkets, bakery, pharmacy and bus stop that are only 3 minutes walking distance. 8 minutes walk to the Ferry Station where guests can enjoy a ferry ride between Meersburg and Konstanz, The ferry can be taken by people on foot, bicycles, motorbikes, cars, buses and by commercial vehicles too. Lake Constance at 5 minutes walk and 9 minutes walk to Hörle Park, a public park where both adults and children can enjoy picnic and swimming during the summer months.

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